Here's an about me for 2023!

Hey everyone! To start off the new year I thought it’d be a good idea to share a little about me. I reached out on Insta for some off-beat questions, and you guys didn’t disappoint. Enjoy.

What is the strangest nightmare you ever had?

For a long time I had a recurrent nightmare about a rampaging wolf breaking into my house and savagely killing my younger sister. I had this dream every night for weeks, and it was so traumatising that I’d end up trying not to go to sleep. One night, I realised I should try and kill the wolf before it managed to come inside. When I entered the dream again, suddenly I was armed with a double-barrelled shotgun. I took aim and blasted the animal right as it crashed through a window, and I instantly woke up. I’ve never had that dream since.

I’d like to point out here that I don’t even have a sister.

Tell us an embarrassing story.

A few years back I visited the Google campus in Mountain View. My friends decided to convince the front desk I was a visiting Irish something or other who wanted a tour. They didn’t tell me this plan before we strolled in. I had to, on the spot, improvise some absolute nonsense. My lack of ANY techie knowledge was painfully obvious. To no surprise they didn’t buy it. We then took some of the Google bikes for a spin and the security guard chased us out.

What’s the worst thing you ever tasted?

After a night out, a group of my college friends went across the road to grab pizzas. As we were walking back to campus, they managed to (very easily) convince me I was eating a pepperoni pizza, knowing full well I’d been a vegetarian since I was a kid. 

I sat down in the middle of a wet road and cried. 

It was a plain Margherita pizza.

Have you ever been tempted to sleep inside the fridge?

Only once. I had a high temperature and discovered that ‘fever dreams’ are an actual thing. I kept dreaming I was in a crematorium chamber.

What is the strangest food combination you enjoy?

Fresh orange juice on cereal. Just trust me.

What’s an insider thing you have with your friends that people wouldn’t get?

When I first started doing martial arts my housemate would mime a karate chop and say “high cha!” whenever I was going. Now ‘how was high cha? and ‘did you do anything fun in high cha?’ are regular conversations.

We also, on occasion, will break out a line from the epic Cool Runnings speech ‘I see pride, I see power’ and will take turns to finish the whole thing. I SEE PRIDE! POWER! Seriously try it, you’ll feel amazing after it.

What is the strangest coincidence that ever happened to you?

I had an issue with my mountain bike while out on the trail, and I couldn’t lift it to fix the chain (in my defence, the bike weighs a ton). I was pretty resigned to having to walk the bike all the way back to the car. Anyway, a few minutes of struggle later, a man sauntered by, glanced at me, and walked on. He then stopped, walked back and asked if I needed any help. Turns out he was a bike technician.

What’s your star sign?

Leo. I feel like we have the best energy, but I’m sure we annoy the hell out of many people too.

Something unexpected we don’t know about you?

I really enjoy shooting guns. I think everyone should try skeet shooting sometime, it’s crazy empowering. Also, if you know how to fire a shotgun, your chance of surviving the zombie apocalypse practically triples.

Girl aiming with a hand gun

Some target practice with handguns

What is the most awkward situation you ever found yourself in?

I’m sitting in a booth surrounded by eight captivated police officers. We’re in a Pizza My Heart joint somewhere on the outskirts of San Jose. The chief has just handed me a slice of pizza, and they’re all breathlessly waiting to hear my response to his question. I have a moment of panic, bite my lip, and admit that, unfortunately, the IRA don’t tend to impact my day to day life all that much. They were fully expecting war stories.

Who’s your favourite hen?

An impossible question! I love them all equally but the fact that Heihei likes to be snuggled pips her into first place.

What is the dumbest way you injured yourself?

Electrocuted myself by using a hairdryer with exposed wiring. Blue lightning shot up my left arm and I was thrown backwards into the wall. The burn mark on my palm was only about the size of a coin, but it’s still the single most painful thing I’ve ever encountered.

Are you obsessed with anyone?

The racing driver Valtteri Bottas. His work ethic is nuts and I admire his level-headed approach to things. I’m also a total fangirl over his girlfriend, Australian Olympic cyclist, Tiffany Cromwell.

Did you drink a gallon of coffee yet? Why do you like coffee?

It’s 9.30am and I’m on my second coconut latte. I pretty much can’t work unless I have a hot drink nearby. I find it grounds me - I like the routine of making it.

Which of your candles suits your personality and why?

This question gave me an existential crisis.

I enjoy my own space, but I also love hanging out with people, so maybe not the Cabin in the Woods. I’m definitely not cool enough to be Noir. A Bloom at Dusk to me is someone who’s sophisticated and well put together. I’m quite laid back, but I can’t swim, so not the Wave of the Sea. I think a Feather on the Wind is a good shout - I feel like this candle embodies a lot of flow and ease. 

girl lying on a pony in a field

Anywhere is a good napping spot if you use your imagination!

What do you do when you’re feeling down?

There's not much some time at the piano can’t cure. I also make more of an effort to reach out to people, although my natural instinct is to do the opposite. I also love a tv show called Bee & PuppyCat, it’s my go-to for whenever I’m sick or need comfort.

Fav book?

Out of what I’ve read in the last few years, probably Beartown. I’ve been trying to sell it to our book club (Fussy Fiction Fans) but somehow my description of ‘small town drama surrounding an ice-hockey team’ didn’t QUITE hit the mark. I will make them read it sooner or later.

Celebrities dead or alive, who’s coming to your dinner party?

I’m not really a dinner party kind of person to be honest. I don’t think I’ve sat at our dining table to eat in at least a year. But I’d totally join Brian Cox out under the stars, or go ride ATV’s with Daniel Ricciardo. I’d also love to hear the duo from Her’s play live. Tragically they passed away in a car accident in 2019. There’s a strange kind of grief in discovering a new artist and falling in love with their music, only to realise they’ve died.

How would people describe you?

I asked, they answered.

Niamh - sent a highly unflattering meme

Dean - quirky, candles, chickens, books, #girlboss

My brother - she thinks she trains hard in the gym

Linds - complete dork

Something boring you’re afraid of?

Ferris wheels.

What's next for Rain & Wild?

World domination! Er, I mean, probably diffusers? (Yes, no? Let me know!) I also have a big goal this year of doing Showcase in the RDS, although it scares the living daylights out of me. Like sheer terror. Can't wait.


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