Our Approach

Sustainable. Eco-friendly. Green. You’ve probably read those words with glazed eyes on more than one occasion. 

At Rain & Wild, the values are Earth Positive.

What's an ‘Earth Positive' business, you ask?

It's a commitment to doing the least amount of harm to the Earth, and hopefully bringing about some positive change while we're at it.

Here’s where we've so far:



+ Crafted using rapeseed and coconut blended wax. No rainforests harmed. Promise.

+ Luxury perfumers oils which are never tested on animals. Safe for you and your family.

+ Cotton/linen or cotton/paper wicks with a metal wick sustainer.

+ Recycled paper labels on the candles.



+ Recycled shipping boxes that promote reforesting.

+ Recycled paper leaflets.

+ Home compostable mailers.

+ Home compostable packaging tape.

+ Biodegradable/compostable shipping peanuts.

+ Glass jars which you can reuse, or which are easily recycled.



+ Sourced from Irish businesses where possible, and we’re always looking for new ways to support local.

+ We applaud suppliers that use compostable peanuts or less plastic packaging.

+ We make angry chicken noises when they don’t.



+ Our commitment is to learn like crazy - about how to do better in business, and in our daily choices.

+ We want to make those changes so that you, the customer, aren’t left with a problem we created.

+ It’s the least we can do.

+ Rain & Wild is now delighted to be a member of The Earthy Marketplace! Using Reforest Nation, we contribute to the planting of native Irish trees. This helps offset some pesky carbon emissions, as well as improving the local biodiversity. Together we can re-wild this country one tree at a time!