Meet the team!

Time to introduce the crack team at Rain & Wild.

First up is my wonderful dad Noel, who can be enticed into helping out with promises of cappuccinos (hold the chocolate sprinkles).

smiling man

Mostly known for his roles as delivery driver and box making extraordinaire, although he's recently been promoted to candle safety labeller (with a x2 weekly coffee raise). When not helping out, you can find Noel proudly polishing up his 2CV. 

The one who I really would be stuck without - my mammy Ollie!

lady smelling red roses

Ollie is the artist among us, and does all the candle packaging by hand (how she gets the paper to accordion inwards like that I'll never know!). She loves walking, practicing Spanish, and being out in the garden as much as possible.

Last but not least is me - I'm Laura. Here I am pretending to look busy.

woman sitting on brown couch working on laptop

I adore all things candles - there's just something about the glow of a candle, it's almost a primal satisfaction. Additionally, I've always had a keen sense of smell, and a rather unusual trait of mine is that I maintain my sense of smell while dreaming. This is often where I get inspiration for scents to develop!

In my spare time, I love to cycle, write, and mess around in the garden with my 5 chickens!



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