The shit weather sale is here!

Look, the past countless days of wet, stormy, miserable weather hasn't been easy on us, has it? I know my mental health has taken a nosedive. It's the unrelentingness of it - we hear about the heatwaves smothering Europe and glance outside at the sheeting rain, blurring the outside world into a watercolour kaleidoscope.

Now I'm not saying we want the heatwave, or don't sympathise with how awful that must be, but COME ON. Where's the balance??

All our fun plans? Scuppered.

Casual walks in the beaming sun? Don't make me laugh.

A tan? Ha!

It's been a drag to say the least, and with no sign of a let up, I've decided to spread a little joy and run a sale, because why the heck not? 

Here's how it's gonna go:

The sale begins right now (1pm Friday) and ends tomorrow, (Saturday 22nd July) at 1pm.

What's the offer?

20% OFF all candles*

Plus, you'll get a double entry into my next giveaway to celebrate a new candle launch (date tbc but expect it early August). 

P.S. If you share the sale post on Insta, you'll also get entered into the giveaway!

*while stocks last, I'm a terrible predictor of these things

Happy candle hunting!

Over and out,


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