Update: tree planting to date!

As a member of The Earthy Marketplace, I was delighted to recently get the news that Rain & Wild has been responsible for planting twenty-one native Irish woodland trees!

And it's thanks to each and every one of you - without your continued support, stuff like this wouldn't happen.

Now, to some of you, twenty-one trees may not sound like a lot. And I suppose in the grand scheme of things it's a small drop in the ocean. 

But I'm of the opinion that something is better than nothing, and - to steal a phrase - every little helps.

Habitat loss. Species extinction. Globally, biodiversity - life in all its many flavours - is under serious threat.

Planting native trees is one way we can rebuild ecosystems. It was important to me that in addition to mitigating damage to the environment by using recycled and/or biodegradable material as part of my business (like my packaging and shipping boxes), I also participated in improving the environment in some way.

To date, that looks like twenty-one trees. These trees will outlive me and perhaps my business (this took a grim turn!), but their value with last generations. 

In the future? I'm not sure what we can accomplish. 

More trees, at the least. Hopefully many more.

Hopefully, along with everyone else, the small patch we create here can become a forest. 




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