We're back, baby!

It's that time of year again - I am officially back at my first market. And it's a good one - my old haunt over at Clonmellon, which is a quick nip over the border, in Co. Westmeath.

Reasons you need to mosey on out to Clonmellon:

1. Like that magic road where water flows upwards instead of down, defying the laws of physics, Clonmellon usually has perplexingly nice weather. The rest of the country can have a raging hurricane situation going on, yet Clonmellon will somehow manage to be fairly pleasant. Maybe it's the stone walls that surround it, or the sun-dance I do the night before. Either way, I'm not complaining.

2. It's a short market, running from 11-1.30, which means there's always a hustle and bustle as people nip in for their coffees, cakes, veg, or to browse the arts and crafts stalls. You can't beat that kind of atmosphere - it gives you a little pep in your step to see so many people out and about enjoying a lazy Sunday morning.

I love it, and without you guys visiting, there is no market, so as always we appreciate each and every one of you who venture out.

3. Everyone is always in a good mood. Seriously. The volunteers who run this market run a TIGHT ship, but it's always done with a smile and a laugh. Genuinely I go to Clonmellon for the chats I get to have with people - it can be lonely at times working away in the workshop so I'll jump at the chance to be out gallivanting in the world. You're bound to come away smiling, the vibes are super easygoing here.

4. You get to smell some candles! It can be hard to decide which candle you'd like without knowing the scent. Here you can take your time to really check them all out, and I can help guide you to a candle that'll suit every area of your home. You might even surprise yourself with the ones you most enjoy. You might also pick up a bit of a deal, I like to have some kind of offer going for my Clonmellon shoppers!

5. I can update you on what's going on in Chicken Land. It's used to be a bit surprising that so many of you love and care about my chooks, and how they're all doing. I love to talk about them, so it's win win! I've even had some generous folks pop an extra fiver to buy them the top treats. They're fussy gals that definitely appreciate additions to the blueberry fund. 


Hope to see some of you out there!

Over and out,


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  • We love your reasons for coming to The Market! Clonmellon and we love having you there. See you Sunday.

    The Market! Clonmellon

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