Which candle quiz!

In the long tradition of sketchily thought up blog posts, I present to you this masterpiece: a buncha highly exaggerated scenarios that'll tell you which of the 'Moments' collection candles you embody.

Results may vary. Read on at own risk. Please don't come for me.


Scenario 1

You think you're better than everyone else, and honestly, you're probably not wrong. You are the organisation queen (or king), and enjoy evenings in making to-do lists and micro-planning your next adventure. Your go to order is an oat or coconut latte, and there better be some fancy artwork on top. You'd rather not have to take the lead on projects but hey, someone's gotta do it, eh? Your favourite season is spring, and you have either a work bestie or work husband/wife. You are the best dressed in your local gym. 


Scenario 2

You're basically a recluse. You have one close friend who you might message twice a year, but it's totally fine. You drink your coffee black, no sugar, no joy. You either own a telescope, or collect niche stuff, like interesting rocks. Your favourite season is autumn and you love everything about it - the colours, calming forest walks, and lighting the evening fire, at which you're a pro. You probably own a cat. And a library. And your garden looks class. Your prefer more mellow exercise - like yoga or pilates - but you're damn good at it.


Scenario 3

You're a pretty chill character - not a whole lot riles you up. Your go to order is either an iced caramel latte OR a fruity smoothie. You own a hammock. Your favourite season is summer, and you bring all the party vibes. If there's to be a shindig, you'll be hosting it. You have ten million friends, can't remember half their names, and you're a little too familiar with the local A&E. You enjoy being active, and you either play a sport, or have a minor obsession with the gym. You are a dog person through and through, and gravitate towards positive people.


Scenario 4

You enjoy the finer things in life, if by finer things you mean wine, and a lot of it. Your go to order is a gin. Hold the tonic. You can count your friends on one hand, but you'd help them bury a body if it came to it. Your favourite season is winter because it means cosy time snuggled up on the couch with a hot (likely alcoholic) beverage, Netflix, and a take out. You own a collection of baking tools you've yet to use. You're addicted to online shopping. You OWN it in the gym, and if there's some kind of competition you'll make sure to win it. 


So have a think - which of those four scenarios speaks to your soul? If you think you're not like any of these, then you might actually be a wild Venus.

Venus folk are gentle, friendly, magnanimous, and calm. They'd never ever take a Buzzfeed quiz to find out which Harry Potter house they belong to, and they do the dishes straight after dinner. If any of this is resonating with you, please, teach me your ways.



You vibe with Scenario 1: You're a Feather on the Wind. You embody elite energy, you get things done, and you always go out of your way to help someone. People come to you for advice, which is usually top tier, but you're terrible at practicing what you preach.

You vibe with Scenario 2: You're a Cabin in the Woods. You like the mellow, quiet life, away from the hectic day to day drama of the world. You've got hidden depths and enjoy your own company, but are generally pretty popular too.

You vibe with Scenario 3: You're a Wave of the Sea. Not a lot truly stresses you out, and people tend to love being around you because of this. You have a lot of energy and if you don't channel it well, you can become a bit chaotic.

You vibe with Scenario 4: You're a Bloom at Dusk. You're the most well adjusted type, even if there's a wine glass permanently glued to your hand. You're a survivor, a bit of a dreamer, but your feet are firmly planted on the ground. People underestimate you, and that's just the way you like it.

 So which candle did you get? Let me know on Insta - there might be a little surprise in store for ya if you do!

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  • I’m scenario 4


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